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Winning the war against Breast Cancer - A survivor's story

by Keerthana on 6th October 2021 | General

Amna Patnaik*, a 40-year-old freelance artist led a quiet and peaceful life in Patna, with her husband and son. Amna was regarded by those in her close circle as a person with an iron will. Hence, it came as no surprise when she remained mentally unfazed in the ordeal against her diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Amna's strong willpower and treatment paid off, for she was well on the road to recovery and was soon declared cancer-free.   (continue reading...)

A promising alternative-Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis from cell-free DNA

by Kyvor Admin on 12th December 2019 | General

The War Against The Cancer Can Be Won

by Kyvor Admin on 24th October 2019 | General


by Kyvor Admin on 4th September 2018 | General

When Robert Hooke, an eminent natural philosopher, published the observations he made using his microscope in the form of the famed Micrographia in 1665, little did he know his discovery would changed the way all forms of life were viewed! Around the same time, a Dutch businessman and cloth merchant, Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, who while viewing threads under high precision lenses, stumbled upon the existence of something that turned upside  (continue reading...)