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Genomics - The Best Weapon Against Cancer

Genomics, a branch of molecular biology is the study of structure, function, evolution and mapping of genomes. The genetic insights help devise precise and tailored treatment programs to target mutations that may be found in each tumor’s DNA profile.

Most drug prescriptions are largely based on the process of evaluating the effects of different medications until one is found most successful, instead of being based on accurate biomarker data. Patients who share a similar cancer diagnosis do not respond to the same pharmacological intervention. However, with the advance of molecular diagnostics using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), accompanied by a subsequent increase in the understanding of the genetic mechanisms underlying health conditions, an accurate approach can be taken towards decision making for cancer treatments.

Genome based cancer treatment is a shift from an organ-focused like Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Colon cancer to a gene-focused approach like HER2mutations, EGFRmutations that has enabled in increasing survival rates for a variety of cancers.

Genomics and Cancer

Cancer and its Genetic Basis

Cancer is a disease of the genome and as more is learned about cancer tumours, the more we are understanding that each tumour has its own set of genetic changes.

Understanding these genetic changes that result in cancer is leading to more effective treatment strategies that are tailored to the genetic profile of each patient’s cancer.

About US

Kyvor - For your Cancer-Targeted Treatment Program

Kyvor Genomics, Inc is a genome intelligence company, with a disruptive objective that “The War Against Cancer Can Be Won” using a one-of-a-kind proprietary product, an individualized cancer theragnostic* test – CANLYTx™ (Cancer + Analytics).


Individualized Cancer Theragnostics* Test

CANLYTx™ (CANCER + ANALYTICS) is a molecular data analytics and simulation engine that explores the whole exome data of the patient’s tumor DNA to demystify the complex genomic anomalies unique to that cancer. An individualized treatment regimen based on these genomic findings is presented in an elaborate report to the clinicians.

* Theragnostics is a treatment strategy that combines therapeutics with diagnostics. It associates both a diagnostic test that identifies patients most likely to be helped or harmed by a new medication, and targeted drug therapy based on the results.

Global Presence

Kyvor has an active presence in countries all over the world, as we aim to be at the forefront of molecular theragnostics. We work towards bringing our technology and care to patients in every corner of the world, as we believe that the war against cancer can be won.

Consult a doctor, undergo genetic counselling to take a genomic test - Kyvor will help you choose the most reliable path for your cancer treatment.

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