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The War Against The Cancer Can Be Won

 24th October 2019

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Personalized medicine is often defined as the "Right treatment for the Right person. When we consider serious ailments, like cancer/tumor etc., sequencing and analysis of the human genome becomes ever so important. So, let`s start with the basics. What is Genome sequencing?

DNA is the building block of the human genome and it is unique to each person. Identifying the sequence of DNA is sequencing and it gives a lot of valuable information. In medicine, Genome/Exome sequencing helps in personalized medicine.

At KYVOR, we do Whole Exome Sequencing, an affordable and comprehensive next generation sequencing technology today that will sequence a patient`s entire coding region.

CANLYTx, our proprietary Molecular profiling algorithm accurately picks cancer causing Mutations or Variations present in a patient`s DNA from a pool of millions of Variations present and classifies Variants into clinically actionable, experimental and unknown significance.

A cancer relapsed patient referred to us was recommended CANLYTx to identify possible causes of relapse and to scan deeper for possible treatment options. Our findings coupled with treatment history of the patient was able to provide a Molecular subtype diagnosis of the cancer along with treatment options for the oncologist to choose. CANLYTx makes it easy for Oncologists to tailor the appropriate treatments and create a regimen as the findings are based on the molecular profile of the tumor.

So, when a loved one has cancer, don`t despair. Call KYVOR to know how we can help you.


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